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What Can We Say?

We’re a group of fun loving and down to earth individuals with a passion for health and nutrition.  Our entire value system is based on two fundamental beliefs. Prevention is always better than cure, and happiness is directly connected to good health.  From these two simple truths, HelloGelly®️ was formed. Our products are specifically engineered to help individuals meet their nutritional goals while on the run.  We’ve built a new type of capsule— using real food, sustainably sourced, easy to digest and designed for a modern more healthy lifestyle.  All of our products are made with gluten-free ingredients, completely kosher, and packed with the highest quality vitamins and essential minerals available.



Culture is Everything

Our team has traveled the world to better understand the roles that health and wellness plays in different cultures. We’ve discovered that throughout the world one common thread with indigenous peoples always holds true, nothing compares to the healing power of natural minerals and food derivatives found in Mother earth.

Director of Brand Ambassadors

What I love most about my job is helping people connect the dots and become more creative as we build our brand recognition. Seeing the lightbulb turn on for people, and then watching them get excited about it, that's when I really love my job the most!

Hello Gelly Logistics Team

The people I work with are amazing. I feel truly valued here, and I’m always reminded that what I do plays an important role in the overall success of this business. At the end of the day it’s up to my department to get you what you need when you need it.

Meet Hello Gelly Sales Manager

People buy health and wellness products for one reason, they’re looking to improve their lives. Whether a purchase is personal or for business, a big ticket or an impulse item, everyone has that same goal. The salesperson is the facilitator of that life improvement and that’s why I love what I do and what I sell, the best.

Meet the Cool Tech Guy

Web development, IT, and health and wellness, it doesn’t get any better. New technologies, new products, and new ideas, I constantly find myself facing new things. Learning the solutions, debating the solutions, it’s exciting! We all have our own drives and passions, mine is getting our products out there, building desire, and then making them easily accessible and understood!

Meet our Office Manager !

As office manager at HelloGelly I get to interact with all employees every day. I like to refer to myself as a human troubleshooter who spends time nurturing social connections and working relationships across all departments. At times it can be challenging but most of the time I must admit it’s a blast.